Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Styling On A budget : Pick a Print Or A Picture

It is possible to style on a  budget this is where the charity shop can be your friend , why on the other day I happened upon a print that caught my eye , further inspection revealed it was a print from 1796.
This is the same year as George Washington became president I love the connections of objects to history.

What in fact that I fave is a stipple engraving portrait of Sir Simon George of Cornwall by Franceso Bartolizz who born in Florence in 1727, Bartolozzi studied at the local Academy of Fine Art. He then moved to Venice and joined the workshop of the noted print-seller Joseph Wagner when he was eighteen, making engravings after the works of contemporary Venetian painters. Bartolozzi would become pre-eminent during his lifetime in the stipple method of engraving and is generally regarded as the greatest proponent of the technique.

Bartolozzi’s prints were greatly appreciated by English patrons visiting Venice, and in 1764 he was commissioned to engrave Guercino’s drawings in the British Royal Collection. Appointed as Engraver to the King, in 1768 he was a founding member of the Royal Academy. Bartolozzi remained in England for thirty-eight years, only leaving to become director of the Academy of Fine Art in Lisbon where he died in 1815.

What did this print happen to cost ?

That will be £3.95

Just showing you that styling can indeed be achieved on a budget which change out of five pounds to afford an ice cream !

I have the eye to know when something is unusual and this was certainly it !

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